"Communication works for those who work at it"

John Powell

Nidelven. Photographer Knut Aage Dahl

Nokias 2022

We have the pleasure to welcome you to the NOKIAS congress in Trondheim September 14.-16, 2022. The congress is held at the Clarion Congress & Hotel, and the opening session takes place in Nidarosdomen, a great medieval church, September 14. 2022.


Nordic Cooperation for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Nurses (NOSAM) was

founded to create a forum for discussion, exchange of experience and research

across national borders. Based on this collaboration, we continue a long tradition

of a joint congress for our Nordic colleagues in anesthesia and intensive care.

The NOKIAS 2022 theme is communication.

Communication is a common denominator in our professions, and it is obvious that an optimal communication will be decisive to both patient outcome and for us to have control and feel mastery in our professions.

Our wish is that NOKIAS will be a place to meet, mingle, learn and support one another with professional input and increased mastery and professional pride as an outcome.

Trondheim and Trøndelag has much to offer when it comes to experiences.  Trondheim is best known for Nidarosdomen, the oldest medieval building in Northern Europe, and the thousand-year-old city has much history to present.

Trondheim is also recognized for delicious food experiences, and threes restaurants, Credo, Speilsalen Britannia and Fagn, have received Michelin stars.

The county of Trondelag invites to exquisite possibilities when it comes to nature experiences. Hiking in the inland, boat trips in the fjords, fishing along the coast line or musk safari in the southern mountains, the possibilities are infinite…

Welcome to NOKIAS Trondheim in 2022!

Hosts for NOKIAS 2022 are ANSF and NSFLIS in collaboration with the local groups in North and South Trøndelag.

More information about beautiful Trondheim and Trøndelag: